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Melia Sales has partnered with Rocco & Roxie to best support our customers, Brick and Mortar retailers to bring quality products to their customers.  We have developed long-term relationships to best support these retailers to have quality products with great profitability. The business is rooted in service to create the WOW factor; WOW, it’s refreshing to have live service and people that care!

With over 40 combined years of experience in building relationships, Melia Sales knows how to acquire customers, service customers at the highest level and always deliver what we promise. You’re not just a retailer, your part of the Melia Sales Family, someone that deserves to be treated better than adequate. We are in business because of you and that is never forgotten. This is why you have our guarantee that we'll promote your business to our community, every day.

Melia Sales goal is no lip service, no adequate service, an occasional conversation or lack of communication. Our goal is to be the best, 100% flawless execution in servicing our customer, you! We will be the benchmark in how manufacturers support customers and will settle for nothing but an excellent “WOW” customer experience.

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